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Monday, October 27, 2014


As actors we tend to think of only the outcome.  In our careers, in our scenes, ect.  Stop.  Our journey is 4 times longer, and 4 times more important than what we get out of it.  The time you spend learning, growing, training, and exploring who you are and what you think is a powerful and enlightening experience that can hold more to gain than actually being successful.   Adjust your thoughts of success, change your perception.   All
ow everything in life to be success.  Appreciate the growth you make each day and allow the flow of positive things to come our way.  When we start giving ourselves a hard time we stop, or slow down that flow of energy.  Open up and allow your talents and creativity to flow all the time.  Let go of the old habits that tie you down.  Struggling is ok, suffering is ok, and not knowing what to do, is ok.  Those are the things that force us to grow.  As a coach and a student of life, I try to stay humbled and always in the mind of a student.  It is ok to not know everything.  It is ok to listen to and allow yourself to learn.  Be open, be free of judgment, and question everything.

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